Run-up to Christmas




What an exciting, busy hectic time we have at this time of year. Usually we are running around with everything to do and rapidly running out of time before Christmas. Friends to meet, children to ferry to and fro, not to mention the shopping and work commitments to fit in around! I am no exception in this and some days just feel like I am in a world spinning around at a pace way too fast for anyone to keep up with.

So my plan for the next few weeks is to try and slow down to steady things and thoroughly enjoy the events of the festive season.  This doesn’t mean I will stop working!

Some of the projects I am keen on getting back into are some more serious art yarns. my intention is to wash and prep some of my beautiful Cormo fleeces I have been lucky to get my hands on earlier this year. I intend to make some wall hangings and yarns using only natural coloured fleeces. THISyarn is a beautiful website which I regularly admire and get loads of ideas and plenty of inspiration from.

So we hope you have a fun filled and happy Christmas with all the frantic, manic and crazy days in the festive season and into the New Year.

Santa will find you!


Weaving with Space

This image is also from the THISyarn website. Thank you Ashley and the team.


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