My work has evolved out of my long-standing love of colour and texture. After initially trying felting years ago I decided “why would you want to do this” I then read lots of books and researched a way I could satisfy my love for colour and texture without having to sew a straight seam. I eventually went full circle and came back to try felting again.11516 merino wool (1)

By now, I had attended a couple of courses by some of Tasmania’s best tutors as well as some international tutors.  I joined the Tasmanian Spinners & Weavers Guild and was amazed by the depth of knowledge, generosity and kindness of this wonderful organisation.11590 (8)

The progression was rapid and I soon discovered I would have to teach myself how to dye my own fibres. The next step to spinning was one I was reluctant to take as I knew enough by now to realise it could be like felting and dyeing and become all-consuming.

I have been a member of various local arts groups on the way and am currently a member of International Feltmakers Australasia, an organisation that is stretching my boundaries, for me just being a member amongst such skilled artistic talent pushes me to want to produce a more professional quality of work.11724 (5)

Developing my own style of work is my main priority and I am constantly challenging myself to be creating interesting, inspiring, and beautiful works, which are also functional and practical.

I can usually be found working happily in my studio at my home on the out skirts of Devonport or attending selected local and artistic events and exhibitions throughout the year.

My works can be found at

Tasmanian Wool Centre Ross Tasmania