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Majacraft Aura Replacement 3D Printed Jumbo Bobbins

Posted by Sally Ridgway on

Can we every have too many spinning bobbins?

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I have been looking for some time now for some new bobbins for my Majacraft Aura spinning wheel. I bought 3 when I purchased the wheel 2 years ago but always wanted some more, actually, lots and lots more!

From time to time I stumbled across someone in Australia who makes 3D bobbins in lots of different sizes for spinning wheels and always seemed to misplace the link. So when I found it again recently, I jumped on it straight away and ordered some then and there. I bought 5 of the jumbo (medium) Aura bobbins (not the overdrive ones) and because they were $20 each the order came to $100 and I was rewarded with a lovely bonus of free shipping! 

The company is Dyeing 4 Ewe and the lovely Jessica sorted my order without any problems. The bobbins arrived safe and sound, fitted perfectly and are spinning around happily. I ordered all black bobbins but you can get lots of different bright happy colours.

One of the things I love about these bobbins is when I am trying to spin up a lot of different yarns all at once, I will spin the singles together and then ply them all at once later. I can fill the 3D bobbins and still see what is on the inside when I put different colours onto one bobbin. This makes it really easy to get and organise all the plying threads to go with the bobbins. I can never remember what colour I spin first on the bobbin and this makes it soo much easier.

Jessica also makes 3D printed yarn bowls, something I particularly like because I usually just use an old plastic container from the kitchen to pop my yarn in when knitting or spinning but these would work a treat, and I wouldn't drop them on my tiled floor and break them.

So tonight I will be starting to spin some new art yarns using some of new colours in my super soft Merino wool tops and mulberry silk. I will throw in some hand dyed English Leicester locks and maybe some hand dyed firestar fibre just to make it shimmer.

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