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Dyeing up a storm this week...

Posted by Sally Ridgway on

                            After a very hectic week last week I continued on head first into a lengthy dyeing week this week. Phew, I am glad it almost over! Every day involved dyeing some of my Merino wool tops as well as a large pile of Mulberry silk cocoon sheets as well as another big lot of Mulberry silk throwsters waste. This fibre is really popular so I often have to stock up the colours.  The Mulberry silk throwster is now packed, photographed and will soon be listed on the...

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Work in Progress and website launch

Posted by Sally Ridgway on

Finally, it’s all starting to come together now.

About 12 months ago I quietly decided it was about time to think about branching out on my own and begin the slow process of launching my own website where I can have all of my felted works and my hand dyed fibres together.

After a lengthy amount of time convincing myself I just couldn’t do it I decided to jump right into it and give it a red hot go!

Temporarily I will remain on Etsy as well but in a much smaller scale. Etsy has enabled me to learn a whole heap about a lot of things around selling on line but I feel it is time for me to have my own site as well.

This whole crazy venture may not work but at least I am out there giving it a shot!

I hope everyone will come along with me and see what we all end up with. With some luck it will be a happy, colourful working website where you can find all of my fibres as well as my felted pieces under one roof at last.

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