Art yarn spinning granny stacks

I had a really quiet day yesterday at the Makers Workshop  so I though I would get spinning again. I haven’t had time lately and was keen to jump back onto the wheel. I decided to make some granny stacks from a rainbow single I had preciously spun. I love how the texture works and they are a nice change from the usual coils I spin. I think I will be doing plenty more of these cuties! These are from my Beautifully super soft Australian Superfine 18.5 micron Merino wool tops.


Olive Oil Soap

I use olive oil soap for most of my felt making and after recently running out I enquired at a number of places around town to get some more. After repeatedly being told just to go online and order it because we only stock goat soap now I did just that out of shear desperation!  I was wandering happily around my favourite nursery today and as I was walking out with an arm full of plants I spotted a little display of Olive oil soap! yippee I can still get it locally.

Thank you Megan and the team at Riverview Nursery for keeping this great product. 29683140_1037249346427060_9035021554526066574_n


What a lovely chat we had!

A couple of days ago I was working away at the makers workshop in Burnie and a very nice lady stopped for a chat. Well that’s always a good enough reason for me to stop working and natter away. Not sure what topics we covered but it would have been anything fibre related and anything else we could come up with. After a little while she asked if she could take some pictures of my display and I causally mentioned to tag me in if it turns out Ok. I have just received this lovely picture from Cheryl. Thank you lovely lady.  Sally Feb 2018 Makers Burnie


Hand Dyed Yarns Now Available

http://www.etsy.com/au/shop/feltfibrecraft or go to my felt shop at http://www.etsy.com/au/shop/feltedfibreswww.sallyridgway.com

Posted by Felt Fibre Craft on Thursday, January 12, 2017


Run-up to Christmas




What an exciting, busy hectic time we have at this time of year. Usually we are running around with everything to do and rapidly running out of time before Christmas. Friends to meet, children to ferry to and fro, not to mention the shopping and work commitments to fit in around! I am no exception in this and some days just feel like I am in a world spinning around at a pace way too fast for anyone to keep up with.

So my plan for the next few weeks is to try and slow down to steady things and thoroughly enjoy the events of the festive season.  This doesn’t mean I will stop working!

Some of the projects I am keen on getting back into are some more serious art yarns. my intention is to wash and prep some of my beautiful Cormo fleeces I have been lucky to get my hands on earlier this year. I intend to make some wall hangings and yarns using only natural coloured fleeces. THISyarn is a beautiful website which I regularly admire and get loads of ideas and plenty of inspiration from.

So we hope you have a fun filled and happy Christmas with all the frantic, manic and crazy days in the festive season and into the New Year.

Santa will find you!


Weaving with Space

This image is also from the THISyarn website. Thank you Ashley and the team.



English Leicester Rare Bread Combed Wool Tops


Limited Quantities available

I am now able to supply these beautiful fibres.

These special combed wool tops are 100% Tasmanian Heritage English Leicester grown by non-mulsed, Rare Breed sheep from ASSBA flock No. 395 from Wanstead Park Campbell Town, in the Northern Midlands of Tasmania Australia. Scoured and combed for the grower in Victoria, the result is an elegant and lustrous fibre of long staple length suited to hand spinning and felting.

Whilst not as soft as Merino, if spun woollen style it will make lovely and durable sweaters, cardigans, vest etc. It is ideal for Aran style knitting with cables and twists accentuated by the lovely lustre for which English Leicester fibre is renown. If spun semi worsted and finely, it will suit laceweight shawls and wraps. The fibre hand dyes beautifully and is also excellent for knitted or crocheted articles fulled fo felt.

Typically the fibres measure 32-38 microns
Hand wash finished items.

As far as the growers can find out, no one has ever released Australian grown and processed English Leicester combed tops. We are so proud to be able to share with you this magic fibre processed in Victoria for us proudly grown, scoured and top made in Australia.

English Leicester sheep have bee farmed in Tasmania since the mid 1820’s.

Thank you for stopping buy.