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Silk Hankies

Mulberry Silk Hankies or Mawata Squares hand dyed for felting, spinning, fibre arts, mixed media, nuno felting, wet felting and knitting.

These beautiful mulberry silk hankies can be used for spinning knitting felting bead making paper making fibre arts .... the list goes on! 

Mulberry silk cocoons that are not quite good enough for the reeling process are de-gummed and either made into silk hankies or they are carded and made into silk tops which can be spun like wool. ... You can buy mulberry silk in various forms, and they are useful for spinning, making silk paper or combining with felt. 

I love the look and feel of silk both in my spinning and in my felting, spread some over a luxury fibre like my beautiful hand dyed merino wool when your felting to give your project a wonderful colourful silky look.

Silk hankies are easy to pull apart, (but I usually use rubber gloves) gently pull them into a long strip and spin them or combine them with your fibre straight onto the wheel. They are super fine and delicate when divided giving a wonderful finish on your nuno felting projects.