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About Our Hand Dyed Yarns and Fibres

Superfine 18.5 micron Tasmanian Merino Wool Tops 

The wool produced in Tasmania and Australia is renowned all over the world for its fine bright fibres grown by sheep that are able to graze free in our beautiful cool climate with crisp fresh clean air. 

Grazing in free range wide open spaces, breathing the purest of air, the Tasmanian wool growers are skilled in perfecting a magnificent, high quality wool product optimising whiteness, strength and soft touch.

Our supplier is one of the top exporters by volume and exports to a diverse range of customers all over the world, meeting the needs of clients in Asia, Italy, Japan, India, the United States of America and throughout continental Europe. Upholding the traditional methods of wool valuation.


Hand Dyed Superwash 100% Merino Wool Yarns

Supreme Sock yarn fine (19.5 micron) merino is used for these yarns. It feels soft and gentle against the skin but is also strong and durable for good wearing properties. Its natural elasticity allows garments to stretch then return to their original shape. Merino is highly breathable, wicking away moisture from the body, helping you stay warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather. Naturally antimicrobial. These yarns are worsted spun from extra long staple fibres to produce a yarn that is fine and strong with a silky feel.
None of our types have been sourced from farms that employ the Mulesing system.

Hand Dyed Untreated Extrafine (19.5 micron) Merino Wool Yarns

Pure Merino luxury fine (19.5 micron) merino fibre is used in all of our merino yarns. This is a luxury fibre with an exceptionally soft handle and is for those very special knits.

The ethical sourcing of these fibres is very important to us.  Sourced from Australian merino farms where high standards of animal welfare are required and animal husbandry practices ensure the basic needs of the sheep to keep them healthy and happy are met. All of the Australian merino fibre used is from sheep that have not been mulesed.

The wool fibre complies with the Australian wool industry administered National Wool Declaration Scheme under which growers declare that the wool is from sheep that have not been mulesed. This declaration is subject to independent verification checks and farm inspections.

Items made from these yarns should be washed in cool or room temperature water with minimal agitation (it is agitation and heat that causes wool to felt).