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What do you usually use to dye your yarns and fibres?

I use professional acid dyes that are made in Australia. Occasionally there may be a skein or some fibres that dyed with natural dyes, the listing will be marked natural dyed.


Where do you source your undyed fibres & yarns?

I use a number of different suppliers, using Australian sourced fibres and yarn as much as possible. From time to time I will source fibres from elsewhere, these will be clearly marked. 

My current batch of Tasmanian Merino wool top are all non-mulesed and sustainable, grown right here is my home state.

Extrafine (19.5 micron) Australian merino wool fibre is used in all of our hand dyed merino yarns. This is a luxury fibre with an exceptionally soft handle with longer staple fibres (around 3.5 inches/85mm which is long for merino fibre) to reduce pilling.

The ethical sourcing of these fibres is very important to us. Sourced from very large Australian merino farms where high standards of animal welfare are required and animal husbandry practices ensure the basic needs of the sheep to keep them healthy and happy are met. All of the Australian merino fibre used is from sheep that have not been mulesed. 


Will my fibres be much different to what I see on screen?

I always try to get the best colours on my own screen. But as different screens can vary just like your TV there may be slight differences in the colours and packs. I also try to match the colours on screen with the actual pack I have in front of me at the time. 


I would like more than one skein of yarn or pack of fibres of the same colourway but there is only one in stock?

Sadly I do not do custom orders for yarns and fibres due to time restraints. Please contact me if you can't find your colour as I often have more colours on hand than listed.


Can I purchase your fibres any where other then on this website?

Absolutely! I have a couple of stockists and the can be found here on my Stockist page.


How do I best care for items made with hand dyed yarns and fibres?

Care instructions will vary depending on the skein or fibres you purchase.

Generally hand dyed fibres and yarns should be hand washed in an approved wool wash, gently spun and dried flat in the shade.

Generally, skeins marked ‘Superwash’ are able to be machine washed on a gentle or wool cycle but most will still hand wash them.


Do you offer custom colourways?

At this stage, sadly, I do not offer custom colourways, not enough hours in my day! But please contact me for this as I am dyeing all the time and might just be able to fit it in.


What are you postage costs?

Postage is offered at Australia Post rates.

I also mail to most countries and rates are available at the checkout. If your country is not on my list let me know and I check the rates for you.

See also the Shipping & Shop Policies page for more information. 


When will my order arrive?

Packages are mailed most weekdays (but not all). For Australian customers you can expect your standard parcel in around 7-10 business days depending on location, public holidays etc. For international customers please allow up to 2-4 weeks and sometimes a little more depending on conditions within your country.


Is wool eco friendly?

Yes it certainly is! And it's also biodegradable, sustainable and renewable. Sheep grown for wool production are usually are shawn every year to have their fleeces removed. They then grow another one, which is in turn removed by a shearer the following year.


About my packaging

For my wool fibres I have chosen to pack most of them in resealable and re-usable snap lock bags which you can re use multiple times for other fibres in your stash. It also makes it easy to see the colours up close when opened and keeps the lovely fibres clean from fingers and dust free with out having to re seal single use cello bags.

For my smaller packs of silk fibres I use cello bags to keep them clean and intact ready for you to use.

For my yarn, I individually wrap skeins in tissue paper so they don't get snagged, caught or rub on each other while they are in transit to you.

My orders are shipped at this stage in standard mailing satchels which are are made from 100% recycled content, and are all also re-recyclable through your soft plastic system. I chose these so they will keep you lovely fibres dry and safe while in transit to you. They are also much lighter and cost effective to post than cardboard therefore making your postage cost more affordable.

Smaller orders may be sent vacuum packed or in a large letter envelope.


Is my Information Secure?

Our online store’s secure shopping cart comes with a 128-bit SSL certificate. Using the same level of encryption as the large banks, the SSL keeps your information secure at all times.

As a certified Level 1 PCI Compliant website, we give you the ability to use all major credit cards safely and securely, allowing you the ultimate convenience.


If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!