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20 Gauge Reverse Needle Felting Needles X 5

Regular price $10.00 AUD

20 gauge reverse felting needles are used for reverse felting and create the pull back effects for things like animal hair, dolls hair and a fluffy or textured effect.

These needles can work very well if you are intending to finish you project using wet felting techniques.

The price is for 5 single needles



20 Gauge Reverse Needles made in Europe these needles are both strong when used correctly and delicate when not. 

These needle are supplied in a tube.


Care Instructions

To care for your needles wipe them clean with a soft cloth and store in a dry place after use.

Felting needles are prone to breakages if not used in the correct way.
These needles are very sharp please keep them and your fingers safe. 
Please keep these needles away form children and pets.


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