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Lemon Firestar Fibre Hand Dyed Trilobal Nylon 11221

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This bright Firestar fibre adds bling, colour and sparkle to you spinning and felting projects.



  • 20 grams
  • Hand dyed using Australian made dyes
  • Nylon Trilobal Bright Fibre


I use it for felting and spinning bright coloured yarns with lots of sparkle and attitude!
Most people use this on their blending boards to make rolags and art batts that really zing!

This little pack will go a long way as it's really bright you don't need to use as much as you think. Throw some into your fibre as you are spinning or sprinkle it through the top layer of some felting when laying out your wool.

Although not as bright and blingy as Angelina fibre, I prefer the Firestar fibre because it is usually softer when used sparingly.

Blend it or card it with some of my merino roving and silk to create a spectacular art batt with heaps of colour and bling. Great for rolags and blending boards.

Care Instructions

Hand wash finished item in cool water with an approved soap.

This is a hand dyed item and may vary slightly from pack to pack


Shipping Information

This item may be vacuum packed to reduce shipping costs if purchased on its own. 

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