Merino Wool Roving Combed Top Australian (Tasmanian) 18.5 micron 100 g Red Orange 12141

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Superfine 18.5 micron Tasmanian (Australian) Merino wool roving tops hand dyed 100 grams  18.5 micron 
This beautiful hand dyed Tasmanian (Australian) Merino combed top (roving) is perfect for spinning, felting, or weaving into a beautiful project. With pretty colour changes and plenty of variation, I used some of this wool to spin some beehives recently and they were amazing! I often grab a bag when spinning textured yarn, felting or just to spin up some to knit with. I love working with this fibre, it felts beautifully and spins like a from some of the finest Merino wool growers in this country.
This beautiful wool has been produced by growers right here in Tasmania from our top growers. I love to support local Tasmanian wool growers and these wool fibres are some of their best.
Australian merino dyes very well and is so super soft you can happily wear it on your skin.
My wool is dyed with commercial colour fast dyes but please be aware that colours may vary on computers.
As this is a hand dyed product I would recommend you hand wash you finished item separately first.
I am happy to answer any questions.