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Mulberry Silk Throwster Fibre in Grasshopper 12869

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Mulberry Silk Throwster Waste Hand Dyed in a strong variegated green combination. Grasshopper has a number of different greens making up its colour mix. 

This silk has been de-gummed and looks a lot like a mass of threads. It is a by -product of the silk industry and is a good source of recycled silk fibre for effect and detailing.



  • 20 gram packs
  • Hand dyed using Australian made dyes
  • 100% Mulberry Silk Throwster 
  • Suitable for art yarn, felting surface fibres, needle felting and fibre arts


Possible Uses

They are fun to use and will give a very distinct texture to you felt. I also have pulled the threads apart and added to art yarns when I am spinning them. I do not card these fibres because they will jam the carder up! 

You can use it for lots of different projects and it is usually pulled apart and lengthened for spinning and felting works. More colours are here!


Care Instructions

Hand wash in cold water with an approved silk wash. 


Shipping Information

This item may be vacuum packed to reduce shipping costs if purchased on its own. Colours may vary slightly from pack to pack.

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