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Multi Colour Sari Silk Recycled Fibre 50 gram

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Sari silk fibre is a recycled silk waste product made from recycled silk fibre.
These multi coloured packs have a variety of threads and colours.

These packs will vary vastly in their colours, I will try to vary you pack as much as possible.

Soft, silky and full of colour Sari Silk can be carefully pulled apart for you to use.
I generally use this silk fibre in my wet felting on my bags and hats and when spinning art yarns you can add it as you spin.

You can use these silk fibres for all sorts of interesting textile projects including felting, needle felting, spinning, blending  with other fibres, include some into your art bats and yarns to give that extra bit of texture and colour. etc...


  • Random colours
  • 50 grams
  • Recycled Silk Fibres
  • Soft silky easy to use
  • Felting, Spinning, Needle Felting, Fibre Arts,  


Please note.. I do not dye this myself. There may be some minor dye loss in very hot water.

Pack colours will vary from pack to pack. The packs in this listing are an indication only.

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