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Natural Raw Fleece Hand Spun Chunky Tasmanian Wool 12990

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This raw fleece yarn has been spun into a thick and thin single then coiled onto a strong black plying thread to make it a super coiled yarn. 

This yarn is quite thick and lively, it will require some knowledge of handling these original works to get the best out of it.


Yarn Specifications

  • Contains mixed raw and washed local fleece.
  • Weight 145 grams
  • Length 18 meters


Some ideas for using these unique yarns are

  • Basket making
  • Wall weaving
  • Neck wraps
  • Bulky Knitting


Recommended Needle Size

Large needles are recommended. This is a bulky yarn.


Care Instructions

Hand wash as a delicate item in cool water with an approved wool wash. Roll in a towel and very gently spin. Dry flat.


International Shipping

This item contains raw and domestically washed fleece. I strongly recommend checking with your countries import restrictions before placing your order. 

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