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Silk Cocoon Sheet Fabric Hand Dyed in a Pink and Blue Mix 12605

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Hand Dyed Bombyx Mulberry Silk Cocoon Sheet Fabric For Felting, Spinning, Needle Felting Fibre Arts Blending Mixed Media

These versatile textured sheets of mulberry silk cocoons are a cross between laps and silk hankies and come in a large sheet which is then cut into smaller pieces and are dyed in a range of colours. Pull them apart and felt, spin or use in mixed media projects.  I usually use them for my felting and I have also pulled this apart carefully and spun some into very textured art yarns.
Some of my customers have incorporated it into other fibre arts and mixed media textile projects.

These packs are priced PER GRAM and vary in sizes from from pack to pack.

These pieces are about 40 cm x 10 cm but may vary a little.

You will receive a pack from the sheet dyed in this colour way which includes some of each colour. I usually cut these into strips to make sure each pack has a similar colour way.

These fibres may be vacuum packed to save shipping costs.

Please contact me if you have any questions about these fibres.

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