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Tasmanian English Leicester Combed Wool Tops Hand Dyed Daffodil 12247

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Beautiful English Leicester combed wool top roving hand dyed.

Whilst not as soft as Merino, if spun woollen style it will make lovely and durable sweaters, cardigans, vest etc. It is ideal for Aran style knitting with cables and twists accentuated by the lovely lustre for which English Leicester fibre is renown. If spun semi worsted and finely, it will suit lace weight shawls and wraps. 


Fibre Specifications

  • 100 gram packs
  • Hand dyed using Australian made dyes
  • Typically the fibres measure 32-38 microns 
  • Grown in Tasmania
  • Processed in Victoria


Possible Uses

Suitable for spinning, spin a lovely fine single and navajo ply it to keep the colours together more. good for adding surface texture to wet felting. 
Suitable for weaving or spin a thicker yarn and use the yarn for weaving.


Breed History

These special hand dyed combed wool tops are 100% Tasmanian Heritage English Leicester grown by non-mulesed, Rare Breed sheep from ASSBA flock No. 395 from Wanstead Park Campbell Town, in the Northern Midlands of Tasmania Australia. Scoured and combed in Victoria, the result is an elegant and lustrous fibre of long staple length suited to hand spinning and felting. 
English Leicester sheep have been farmed in Tasmania since the mid 1820's. 

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