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Tasmanian English Leicester Locks in Moss Green 13451

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Tasmanian grown English Leicester curly locks hand dyed in a gorgeous combination of mossy green colours to give a lovely green combination. 

The variation in colour comes from the natural variation in the base colour of the locks. This has given a lovely olive green in some of the locks.

The staple lengths will vary because these locks have been hand dyed 'in the grease' it means they have not been washed and disturbed too much prior to dyeing, there may be a little residual dye and lanolin (lovely for your hands) and possibly the odd stray piece of vegetable matter remaining.



  • Hand dyed fleece locks in the grease.
  • Suited to spinning, felting, needle felting, textured art yarns etc.
  • Length and crimp will vary from pack to pack.
  • Grown and dyed in Tasmania
  • 32- 38 micron range.


Possible Uses

For the spinner, these will add texture and lovely pops of colour to your textured art yarns and can be added as you spin.

For the felters and needle felters, these lock can add texture and dimension to your project. Flick the cut ends and lay them out with a little matching coloured merino covering the end to make sure the felt in properly.


Care for your fibres

These lamb locks have been hand dyed using Australian made dyes. Please hand wash your finished item in cool water with an approved wool wash separately first.

Due to the way these have been dyed "in the grease' there may be a minor amount of dye and lanolin wash out in the first wash.



Photo's are an indication only and will vary from pack to pack.

Please be aware of your own countries Import and custom regulations before purchasing this item. I cannot refund or replace these fibres if they are seized at your boarder.

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