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The Yarn Retreat Tasmania 2022

Posted by Sally Ridgway on

I am delighted to be the featured Indie Dyer at this prestigious event!

I have been working with Terrii Lanham of Terri Designs on a kit for her Mandala workshops.

The Yarn Retreat Launceston will run from Thursday 2 June to Sunday 5 June 2022 at Peppers Silo Hotel, Tasmania.  This retreat also offers the opportunity for you to extend your stay (depart Monday 6 June) and add an additional day of workshops.

Tasmania is one of the most magnificent places you can visit in Australia and from the moment I stepped off the plane I felt it.  I am so excited to offer you a place at The Yarn Retreat Launceston in June 2022.  The combination of clean air, stunning views and local produce is just the start. This retreat will have it all including the perfect opportunity to actually wear all those handknits you have lovingly created.

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Brighten Up MKAL First Clue Release!

Posted by Sally Ridgway on

The first clue for the Brighten Up MKAL has dropped and the rest of the clues will drop at over the next few weeks. 

Its never too late to join in the fun so pop over to my yarn kits section and grab some yarn then head over to the @paperdaisycreations Ravelry page for the pattern download.

You’re invited to put a smile on your face and join us for my happiest knitalong yet! It’s time to Brighten Up!

Need the pattern? Click here.

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Brighten Up Mystery Knit A Long by Lisa K. Ross

Posted by Sally Ridgway on

Brighten Up MKAL by Lisa K. Ross

I am delighted to announce that I will have yarn kits for those in Australia and New Zealand who would like to take part in @paperdaisycreations new Brighten Up Mystery Knit A Long.
Clues will begin dropping in early March so now's the time to get your yarn ordered and join the Brighten Up Pattern from Paper Daisy's Ravelry page here 
My yarn sets are on my Supreme Sock base and are 85% Merino and 15% nylon, are soft and squishy and perfect for this! Or you can pick your own colours as well :)
I will be shipping these to Australia and New Zealand only.

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Needle Felting Needle Chart

Posted by Sally Ridgway on

Felting Needles and sizes

19 gauge Triangle needle felting needles have a triangular blade with all 3 edges working in a downward motion. The barbs in these needle point downwards. These are heavy duty needles and good for very courser heavy fibres like jute, flax horse hair etc.. 

20 gauge Reverse felting needles are used for reverse felting and create the pull back effects for things like animal hair, dolls hair and a fluffy or textured effect.

These needles can work very well if you are intending to finish you project using wet felting techniques.

32 gauge Triangle felting needles are a sturdy needle, good for working with medium/course fibres and to firmly attaching pieces.

Not recommended for finer details or a neat surface.

36 gauge Triangle needles are one of the most popular sizes and suits a wide range of work and fibres.

38 gauge Triangle needles are one of the most popular sizes and suits a range of medium to fine fibres. 

38 gauge Crown needles only have barbs on the ends of the needles and are usually used for attaching hair to dolls etc.

38 gauge Star Needle Felting Needles have barbs on four sides it is a great all round needle, good for finer work and finer wools as well as bulky sculpting work.

40 gauge Reverse needle felting needles are for creating the 'pull back' effects such as animal hair, dolls hair, fluff and textured effects.

40 gauge Triangle needle felting needles are for fine delicate and detailed work.

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Just Beachy MKAL by Lisa K Ross

Posted by Sally Ridgway on

I am delighted to be a part of the Just Beachy MKAL by Lisa K Ross of Paper Daisy Creations. I have been selected as an Australian supplier of yarn kits for this MKAL! 

Kits are available here

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