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Majacraft Lazy Kate Review

Posted by Sally Ridgway on

I have never really taken the time to think about my lazy kates. I have a couple of cardboard boxes with knitting needles and an old upright one with the little bars through them.

I had even put some fishing line and a rubber band on the old upright at times to make it a little easier but it never quite worked as well as every one you see doing the amazing demo's online.

While these are cheap and ok for basic plying they can be a bit of a pain in the you know what area when doing some of the more complex art yarns. 

I recently kicked the cardboard box around the lounge room and headed off to my local Majacraft dealer The Yarn Inn to see what was on offer from Majacraft.

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Campbelltown Show Tasmania May 2021

Posted by Sally Ridgway on

What a wonderful treat for us here in Tasmania this year! The Campbelltown Show will be back on again. This is the 183rd Campbelltown Show and it set to be a fabulous event and is held on May 28th and 29th 2021 at the Campbelltown Show Grounds

Not just because it was cancelled last year due to Covid restrictions but because it is the Southern Hemisphere’s oldest continually running Agricultural Show and listed by The National Trust as part of our Island State’s Living history, The Campbell Town Show has always been the venue for country and town people to meet together and exchange views and opinions.

The beauty of this special show is the interest of it’s history, the charm of the township and especially the warmth and friendliness of its people, who welcome visitors to attend and share the experience

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Ripple Rib Socks by Christie

Posted by Sally Ridgway on

Ripple Rib Sock Pattern

I was delighted to recently receive an email from about a yarn purchase... It got me thinking about how was a Canadian online knitting website contacting me about a yarn purchase? 

After a little investigation it turned out that one of our local pattern designers the
lovely and very talented Christie Wareham-Norfolk who recently relocated to our wonderful Tasmania live not far from me and was looking to use one of my yarns in her new Ripple Rib Sock pattern.

Christie had selected my limited edition Raspberry Cordial colourway for her pattern and I think it knitted up beautifully although I think there are lots of colours my Supreme Sock merino nylon base that would look lovely as well.

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Local Felting Classes with June Hope

Posted by Sally Ridgway on

I am so very excited to announce that one of my very good friends and an amazing textile artist, June Hope has now completed her felting studio and has commenced felting workshops!

This is great news as June has many years of felting experience and is a wonderful teacher as well. 

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Ashford e-Ball Winder Review and Thoughts

Posted by Sally Ridgway on

Ashford recently released an electric ball winder, Yippee, they had my attention. I have been on the lookout for an electric winder for some time but getting them from the US is a costly exercise.

This little gem looked fabulous from the first time I spotted it and after procrastinating for about 3-4 weeks I jumped in and ordered one from The Thread Collective who were posting them on Facebook at the time. 

I put my order through and ticked the Express Post box expecting it to be 2-3 weeks away and to be shipped directly from Ashford in New Zealand. I was super dooper surprised when 3 business days later it arrived at my local post office and was shipped the same days as the order was placed from The Thread Collective in Brisbane.

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