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The Big Wool Show

Posted by Sally Ridgway on

We are super excited to be part of The Big Wool Show July 17-20 2020! This is a virtual event with loads of yarnies, indie dyers, and fibre artists from all over Australia taking part on line. 

So if you are a needle felter, felter, spinner or knitter and crocheter make a cuppa and head online to find me here and see what goodies we all have! 

We will have some more of our superfine Tassie Merino, in both untreated (for felting) and Super-wash (for spinning)

We will also have some interesting new shades in our sock yarns and 4 ply pure merino yarns under wraps for this great event.

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Whats on my needles this winter

Posted by Sally Ridgway on

Whats on my needles this winter?

I often show some of my very basic sample knits at events when I am asked about what to do with my hand dyed yarns and people will say things like, ooh that’s beautiful, I could never knit like that ... Well here’s what happens behind the scenes with my knitting!

Over the last few autumn months, like most people we’ve all been getting back to basics and I’m no exception to that rule.  

I’ve settled nicely into a little routine of knitting away the hours in the evenings and have been working on some more samples for my hand dyed and hand spun yarns.

One of the scarves I knitted, I ended up pulling completely undone and knitting the whole thing again using another pattern.

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TEC Tasmanian Merino Wool Tops

Posted by Sally Ridgway on

I regularly get asked to explain the difference between my regular Merino wool tops and my TEC (Superwash) Merino wool so I thought I would try to explain it here.

Both of these amazing wool fibres are grown right here in my home state of Tasmanian and are both from some of the top wool growers in this big country.

The main difference is in the processing of the fibres. Most people are familliar with the general process involved in scouring and processing regular wool but the Superwash or to be more precise, TEC, Total Easy Care process used on superwash wool is handled a little differently.

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Mulberry Silk Cocoon Sheet Form

Posted by Sally Ridgway on

Firstly, What Are They?

Mulberry silk cocoon sheets or lap waste are made from Mulberry silk cocoons layered on top of each other. 

This 'fabric' can be thick and thin and is very textured and will usually need teasing apart to work with first. 


What can they be used for?

Many of my lovely regular ladies and gents are using these for a number of different projects. 

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Yarn Barn Visits Tasmania

Posted by Sally Ridgway on

The Yarn Barn

Is coming to Tasmania with a whole lot of goodies for the weavers, knitters, crocheter, macrame, etc.. They will be set up at the Devonport Spinners and Weavers meeting on Saturday 23rd November 2019 at the East Devonport Recreation Centre in Carolyn Street.

This will be open to the public so don't be shy, you don't have to be a member  to pop in take a look about.

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