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Silk Noil Fibre

I use silk noil for detail when wet felting flowers, painting with fibres, needle felting, spinning, carding and blending, textiles, paper making the list is endless. I also usually put these fibres through my carder prior to use, this will open the fibres up and make them easier to work with. When you are using these fibres, less is more. It is a very short pulpy fibre that works best for me when it is opened up and used sparingly.

The left over fibres of the silk carding process are called silk noil, these can then be used to add texture to hand spun yarns, felting projects, art batts etc.

This fibre is created after bleaching and removing of all the sericin.
All the gum from the fibre has been removed and It can be dyed into any colour with the correct dye.